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MACS - a "fresh set of eyes" for your Farm Business

The MACS Mission:

Morgan Ag Consulting Services LLC (MACS) is committed to providing agricultural consulting / planning, financial and economic analysis services to commercial farms utilizing economical technology and processes, taking time to understand the values, goals and objectives of the client.

MACS's Purpose

MACS’s purpose for existence is to assist farm clients in formulating and crystalizing goals and objectives, then develop appropriate plans and courses of action. With an agricultural economics background and training, MACS comprehends that “profit maximization” is often a stated objective when in reality it is not because there are internal and external economic constraints oftentimes not understood or overlooked. For example, time for family, community or church service may be important or investment off-farm for diversification may be desired. A more accurate objective would be “profit maximization subject to given constraints”. MACS strives to assist clients recognize and incorporate those economic constraints into their profit maximization formula in order to achieve a more holistic level of business and life satisfaction.

MACS Metrics-An Introduction

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